Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Really Stoopid Friend Survey

Why am I never able to delete these without filling them out? Here's one of the dumber ones. Enjoy.

How big are your dads feet?
Judging from the old wives tale about a man's foot size, I'm sure I don't want to know. I just got sick there.

Have you ever riden a box down a staircase?
Ha...no. There were 14 steps to the 2nd floor of the house I grew up in. I'm sure that would have ended horribly.

Do you wave when you see people you know?
Oh that all depends. Am I wearing my glasses? Because I could be setting myself up for complete embarrassment otherwise.

Can you braid hair?
One of my many talents, yes.

Are you good with painting nails with your left hand?
I am good at being a mom, getting people to join the marrow registry, making my friends laugh and making amazing home made pasta sauce. These things are much more important than nail painting - for that we have salons.

Do you own plaid pants/skirt?
plaid skirt - yes I do.

Do you keep your relationship status to your self?
Well there's one other person who is in on the joke. ha.

How long has it been since you last ate a popsicle?
I have small children and I work too much. Sometimes we have popsicles for dinner.
(just kidding)

Whats worse?: ice cream on a hot day that drips on your hand or ice cream on a cold day with no drips?
I'm too tired to contemplate this one.

Is your best friend black?
No. He's also not an astronaut. Not sure why it matters.

Are you in someones will?
If so I don't want to know. Do yourself a favor and spend it - don't leave it to me. I don't want the drama.

Do you read gossip magazines?
I don't read any magazines lately.

If all your hair fell out tomorrow, would you cry?
Not as much as I would cry if my leg fell off - keep it in perspective kids.

Did you ever dress your animals in doll clothes?
Anyone who has ever met Briscoe the wonder beagle knows he would never stand for such tom foolery.

Do you frequently use the term ’whoa nelly!?
Um no. Not even a little.

Is kissing people with braces better than people without?
Never kissed anyone with braces

Have your parents ever busted on your clothes?
Not since I was 11 and they may have been right that the "FRANKIE SAYS RELAX" t-shirt wasn't as cool as I thought.

Do you put extra salt on things?
not usually.

Is yellow a color that you look good in?
I'm not sure - I don't think I have too much yellow

Is your best friend drop dead sexy?
All my friends are drop dead sexy. That's how we roll.

What do you call music?
Music. Call me quirky.

Do you give your lovers pet names?
Like Shnookums..... no.

Gold or silver?
Platinum. I'm a grown up. ha.

How clean is your room?

Have you ever gone a whole day without eating?
Of course.

Do you know someone that keeps money in weird places?
I don't ask people where they keep their money. I do have a 5 gallon water cooler jug I keep dropping quarters in.
Is that weird?

Is there someone that is just like you?
One of me in this world is plenty.

Do you love the last person you kissed?
Of course.

Are you good with talking to people you dont know?
If it is business related - sure. No problems there. However as far as social settings - I'm pretty quiet.

Are you one of those people that think the elderly are mean?
Only the mean ones.

How old were you when you found out that movies and tv shows were scripted?
Better yet, who is writing some of this crap?

Give one of you and your friends inside jokes:
Why. You wouldn't get it anyway. Ann: "It's mighty balmy in here." There. Doesn't mean much now does it. (i giggled though....thanks.)

Do you chew cotton candy or suck on it until it disolves?
I don't eat cotton candy.

Are you a good singer?
I'm quite the diva.

What does your Grandpa do to be so rich?
My grandfather passed away. He worked hard and saved and he was rich in his heart. He is forever one of my heroes.

Are you a pet person?

Christmas list?
I don't need anything really. thanks.

How do you feel about the person that you’ve become?
I'm a work in progress, but I like me.

Are you going to change this summer?
Wasn't planning on it

Do you like change?
quarters for my water bottle. yes.

Does the way snakes slither turn you on?
I HATE snakes.

Disney Channel just called, you can be on a disney channel show of your choice, which do you choose?
Oh wow - I don't know any disney shows....my kids like nickelodeon. I'd like to hang out with drake and josh. they seem fun.

Do you write your name on your clothes?
it is frowned upon after the age of 8.

If someone in your school is wearing the same shirt as you, what do you do?
ask myself what the hell I am doing back in school!

Are you about following the rules?
I'm about living life to the fullest and trying not to hurt others.

Do you own a wetsuit?
gee no.

Whats the best firework?
the kind the professionals shoot off. i knew someone who lost an eye and a finger - I don't go anywhere near them.

Is your opinion important to other people?
you tell me.

Are you afraid of germs?
I'm afraid of Richard Simmons.

Have you ever seen someone with a hairy tounge?
does such a thing exist? gross.

Are suspenders coming back?
Far be it from me to predict fashion trends, but for heaven's sake I hope not.

Are you big on juding people?
If you know me, you know I love everybody until they give me a reason not to.


Anonymous said...

write more. your really smart.