Friday, July 11, 2008

The Juice

I have been part of the TiVo society since the first pilot unit by Phillips about 7 years ago. So, during my minimal television watching guilty pleasure, I never never NEVER watch commercials. Here's what I do. I record General Hospital (shut up) and I watch the whole thing on fast forward with the exception of the scenes with Steve Burton. Hey....I never said I wasn't a little shallow. He's just so.... yum.

I digress.

Tonight, for some off the wall reason, I didn't stop after the scene where Jason Morgan.... um.... hmmmm..... I have no idea really. I just look at him and don't really follow that well along. Clearly, today, my train of Steve Burton thought was derailed and I watched some commercials. This one takes the cake.

Remember those ads when us children of the 80s were supposed to be frightened from partaking in any illicit substances with the comparison of sizzling eggs in a skillet? This is your brain.... this is your brain on drugs? Ok. So. Good to know that kids today are less interested in pot (perhaps because of our "whole foods" society - there are trans fats in those hostess cupcakes hahahaha) and more interested in steroids.

Here's what they've come up with...

Deflating balls my friend. At what point in the post production of this gem did someone in the think tank say, "I think we need to actually address the shrinking balls because, what if they don't get it?"

Back to my regularly scheduled TiVo etiquette.


CurePdd said...

BALLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS excellent advertising, it...

~melissa said...

I'll never stop being astounded by your affinity for balls.