Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2 Years? Ooooooops.....

"History ain't nothin' but some pages and I don't wanna read 'em anyway. And since that was then and this is now, I'm just happy to be with you today." ~Rich Cronin

Wow. So I did predict when I started this that it would be the victim of much neglect. Looks like the last post sitting here was from 2009. Ooops?

Well, it could be an indication of many things. Could mean I've been too busy living...or perhaps it could mean that some things, committed to text, seem more real. I just stopped or a second to figure out where I was standing in January of 2009 and how to fill in the blanks between there and 2011. My head spun. I could write a NOVEL.

Key words for that time span: self exploration as well as discovery; nothingness as well as passion, love as well as heartbreak, joy as well as sadness, immeasurable gifts as well as immeasurable loss, charity as well as self-need, tears as well as laughter. I guess it's all a matter of yin/yang. Feel free to play a game of Mad Libs with these words if you wish.

So forward motion is where it's at. Not that I don't enjoy reflecting on the past two years sometimes. In fact, I even find myself reviewing some of the pain and hardest of those seven-hundred-something days because during the moments when I feel most like a hamster on a wheel, it reminds me of how far from that place I have landed. Apparently I really was swimming rather than treading water.

This week marks the start of yet another chapter for me. One of the most beautiful things about it is that in the past, there were very few chapters. They were just short stories. Each one new and with a different cast of characters; a varied mental setting. This time, I'm going for a bigger masterpiece. A journey, if you will, where there are some common denominators. The relationships I have built will carry on through the story. I am sure the yin/yang will be present....but the happiness continues to outweigh the negative.

To be continued.....