Thursday, January 8, 2009


I am a Taurus.  That makes me the sign of the bull.  Whatever.

Here's my horror-scope today.  Ready?

"You prefer to know that your feelings are consistent because you want your actions to be based on a reliable foundation. Unfortunately, your emotions seem to change today as you gather more information. Instead of stubbornly holding on to your point of view now, your reactions become less predictable as the day wears on. Don't make any long-lasting decisions unless you absolutely must; your current answer isn't necessarily your final one."

Huh?  Albeit somewhat true, I could have summed it up much more succinctly.  PMS.

There ya have it.

I should write for Hallmark.  Seriously.

xo kiddies!
Until next time.....


Girl Rants said...


mine should be.

geminii. you may change your mind, or you wont. or wait nevermind you will. which one of you is talking.

~melissa said...


Girl Rants said...

write more.