Friday, June 27, 2008

Just Some Recent Thoughts

I'm not sure I'm buying into the "all things happen for a reason" thing. No, I'm not. My more logical side believes in the law of consequences, but I'm having a difficult time grasping that there is a master plan and all things which happen in our lives are meant to guide us on some righteous path. I've seen a lot over the past 3 years in my own life and in the lives of people I love. Has it made us stronger....I'm sure. Has it made us appreciate life and laughter....I'm sure. Life altering? Damn straight. Necessary? Nope. I think we are comforted by the notion of a silver lining to crap. Makes us feel better to think that someone, something - call it God, call it Kismet, call it Hale making us dance on hot coals to learn a lesson. Not buying it.

I think the thing I love absolutely most about little children is how open they are to freeing themselves. I know my two kids do it all the time. They dance if the mood strikes them, sing the wrong words to songs completely off key, tell the WORST nonsensical knock knock jokes...and laugh like they get it, walk around with chocolate ice cream on their face, get dressed and don't match only caring that they are comfortable, tell you when they fart, spit out horrible tasting food, ask people what is wrong with them when they limp. . . and so on. Don't you wish you were that free for just a little longer?

Jason Mraz
Love his new CD by the way. Just a free plug there. Check it out.

Looked down on my dashboard today, of my brand new car I got last October, and there are 25k miles on it. Holy crap. I think it might be the driving between New York and New England oh say, twice a week. Yikes. The funny thing about this is that no matter what I do or where I plant myself, there's something else on the other side. Work is in Massachusetts. Family is in New York. Live in one place, travel to the other. What is the difference, right? Interestingly enough, I'd prefer to live in Massachusetts and travel to New York and yet it is backwards. I think the clinical diagnosis for my psychiatric condition is "Shit Or Get Off The Pot Syndrome" a/k/a SOGOPTS. More on that as it develops.

It is good for something. I found some new favorites who keep me smiling. But what I don't really get is all the rest of the fluff. Here's my disclaimer. I appreciate the earth and try to take care of it, yet I really don't need anything planted in my virtual green patch. I spend way too much of my hard earned money on Starbucks, but the virtual latte is doing nothing for me. Please don't buy me or sell me or give me away as a pet. I prefer to remain in the loving hearts of the people I really know. I appreciate the good karma - can't argue with that one. I've got a lot of "happiness" and "tranquility." If you don't mind, please send me some "harmony" and "wellness." I will then be on par with Richard Simmons. I'm still not taking the "Which New Kids On The Block Member are you Most Like" quiz. Safe to say none of them. Was all that rude? I apologize.



jdbauer said...

Ugh I hate the Green Patch. And the vampire bites and all the other crap. I actually deleted my "super wall", which was loaded with phisherman. I've learned to ignore. I shamefully admit, however that I do enjoy the trivia and the likeness quizzes. Maybe I should just get my fool-ass back to Myspace.

~melissa said...

Hahaha... the "fool ass back to myspace" line will never grow old. I admit my own hypocrisies to my rant - I cannot tell a lie. I sent you a "growing gift" the other day but it was a cilantro plant and since you were making anti-guacamole in one of your videos sans cilantro, I felt it was fitting.

You rock.

Anonymous said...

your cynical for someone with super hero skills.
you rock, i hate facebook.

CurePdd said...

You're just jealous because I have already had a dog pee on my garden, an elephant trample it, weeds, mulch, hiroshima, and whatever f((&^king travesty can happen to my dam garden, BUTTTTTTTTTTT It's a garden and dam it, it's growing better than the tomatoes I planted this summer. If I get 1, I'll jump for jolly...

So Rock Star. Send me a dam flower. LOLOLOLOLOL.

~melissa said...

lol - I think I can only send you the apple because I am a bad gardener. I have to invite 200 more people to send you a banana. How about I just take you out for sushi one night? Yeah that works.